Kombucha Logo on sunburst trees


Your Sipologist is ready to help you gather your friends to share a Kombucha Brewing Workshop.

KOMBUCHA, What is it?

Kombucha is fermented tea that comes in many flavors with or without effervescence. It consists of two parts: the fermented “base” which tastes similar to tart sparkling apple cider that can be flavored, and the floating “tea fungus,” otherwise known as the SCOBY, Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast.

Summer Brochure

New iced teas! Featuring Kombucha, the flavorful and fizzy fermented tea that is packed with probiotics, amino acids and enzymes. You’ll be hooked from the first (tasty) sip!


Kombucha Collection

Kombucha & Party Entertainer, 1 set of Brew n’ Serve Bottles, Funnel & Strainer, Kombucha Green Base, Kombucha Black Base, and Universal Kombucha Cover.