Tea Triangles in a Tin


Our Tea Triangles in a Tin are the perfect way to share tea with friends and family. This premium gift is filled with loose leaf triangle bags and is easy to steep. The unique triangle design of the tin will look great on every kitchen counter.

Our Tea Triangles come in three different flavors and contains 20 silk bags per tin;

White Chocolate Souffle, Rooibos Tea – A sweet chocolate taste with a refreshing hint of mint that lingers in your mouth. Light and sweet, just like your favorite souffle. Contains nuts. Contains lactose

Harvest Spice, Black Tea – Hints of fruit, cinnamon and cloves are a warming infusion for the holidays. Mix with hot apple cider and a nice crackling fire. Contains caffeine.

Christmas Chai, Black Tea – A blend of warm cinnamon, notes of cardamom and lively ginger. A cozy drink with a sweet finish for the holidays. Contains caffeine.

Yesterday we called out and we wanted to know your questions on our Tea Triangles in a Tin. Here’s our answers!

Can you steep the bags more than once?

Our Tea Triangles in a Tin are premium quality loose leaf tea – just like what we have available in bags. So they can definitely be steeped more than once if that type of tea allows.

White Chocolate Souffle is a Rooibos tea and can be steeped up to 2x. We recommend steeping for 4-6 minutes.

Harvest Spice is a Black tea and is not normally steeped more than once. We recommend steeping once for 2-3 minutes.

Christmas Chai is a Black Tea and is not normally steeped more than once. We recommend steeping once for 2-3 minutes.

Are there going to be any more flavors?

Currently our Tea Triangles in a Tin are only carried in these three flavors. However, we do carry Silk Bags in a Tin (page 29 of the 2013 Steeped Tea Catalog) that come in Earl Grey de la Creme, Cherry Rose Sencha and Creme Carmello. Our Silk Bags in a Tin are the same premium quality loose leaf you can expect from Steeped Tea, however they do not come with the Triangle tin. (They come in the square one featured on page 29).

Are they recommended for infusing with beer?

Water, beer, wine, juice – the sky is the limit! For beer we recommend infusing Harvest Spice and Christmas Chai. Fill your glass with your favorite beer and place one tea triangle in your glass for 5 minutes. Voila!

Are the tins stack-able?

They are not stack-able but because of their shape you can fit many of them in your tea cupboard at home. With their beautiful design, they are also great for showcasing on your counter top.

Are they good holiday gifts?

They are great holiday gifts! Gift to your tea loving friends, those who love trying trendy and new flavorful beverages and for teachers at school. They are also great as stocking stuffers. And when you purchase all three, you can gift them as a collection!

How do I keep my tea fresh?

If you’re anything like us heavy tea drinkers, your Steeped Tea blends don’t last very long in your house. Especially when you have parties and friends over for tea. However, if you are not an avid tea drinker or want to purchase tea to last there are five things you want to keep your tea away from: light, air, heat, odors and moisture.

1) Dark Places – Your tea cupboard is always the perfect place to store your tea. If storing your Tea Triangles in a Tin on your counter make sure it is out of direct sunlight and that the lid is always closed properly.

2) Air – Avoid leaving leaves laying out or in direct sunlight. This will increase the chances of your tea absorbing moisture and unpleasant odors.

3) Heat – Storing your tea leaves in direct heat or sunlight can affect the flavor of your tea. Cool, dark places are the best best to keep your tea fresh, longer.

4) Odors – Avoid keeping your teas away from strong odors so that the tea does not absorb the odor. So keep it out of things like your spice cabinet and away from your trash can.

5) Moisture – It’s important to store your tea in dry places and away from humid places in your home. The reason why tea leaves last so long is because they are dried.

Our Tea Triangles in a Tin are perfect because they are opaque and will keep out odors. Be sure to store in dark places or out of direct sunlight, and you will be enjoying your tea for a long time!

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