Our Story

This company began as a passionate search for the perfect cup of tea. Along the way we discovered that the secret was who you shared it with.

On a vacation with my husband, I tried a delicious cup of Cream Earl Grey and I couldn’t believe the quality. When I returned home I began sharing loose leaf tea with friends and family who fell in love with it as much as I did.

In October of 2006 I hosted a tea party at my home. I served a variety loose leaf teas, showcased some of my new tea accessories and shared the amazing benefits of tea. Everyone had such a good time that I was asked to throw an event just like mine at a friend’s home – And the idea of Steeped Tea was born.

I began holding 15 parties a month and spreading the Steeped Tea name. I was able to run a growing business, provide additional income to our family and be at home with my children. After seeing my success and flexible schedule, other women began to approach me to join my Steeped Tea family.

We adopted a direct-selling model because of the fact that I wanted to give other women a chance to explore their entrepreneurial spirit, just like I did. You would be amazed to see how many women have created their own Steeped Tea business. Our independent consultants are successful, motivated and passionate entrepreneurs. Their love for tea, their business and their family is creating and supporting lifestyles that our consultants always dreamed of.

In 2012 we appeared on CBC’s Dragons’ Den and partnered with our incredible investors, David Chilton and Jim Treliving. With their help and advice, we are now sharing our Steeped Tea love and partying with many wonderful U.S. Consultants and teams!

This year we also had the amazing honor of being ranked No. 27 on PROFIT 500’s list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies and named No. 1 and Industry Leader in the Food Processing and Distribution Sector.

All of this tremendous growth and recognition wouldn’t have been possible, if not for the success of our many women and men who run their Steeped Tea businesses everyday.

So get ready to experience the best cup of tea you have ever had. It changed my life and it will change yours.

Happy Sipping,

Tonia Jahshan
Founder and President