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What has your Steeped Tea Business given you?
My Steeped Tea Business has given me more than I ever expected! For starters, my confidence has grown tremendously. I have made so many new life time friends, who I consider family. Steeped Tea has given me free trips to Costa Rica and recently to Jamaica…but more so, has given my family the income needed during some very difficult times.

What has contributed most to your overall success with Steeped Tea?
I strongly believe that being myself, along with the desire to share the opportunity, has made me successful and contributes to the ongoing growth of my business. The continued support from my family and friends, which includes my tea family, helps as well.

What is one tip you would give to new Consultants as they get started on their journey?
BE YOURSELF and NEVER GIVE UP! Don’t be the person that everyone wants you to be, or who you think others want you to be. Let YOU shine through! Always remember that everyone has their ups and downs in this journey, and never compare your Chapter 2 to someone’s Chapter 20.

What one tip would you give to a new Leader?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help!  If you don’t know the answers, that’s OK. Reach out to your Up line for support… that is what we are here for.

What are your goals for this year?
My main goal is to be Executive Director by the end of the year, along with earning that trip to Maui!!! ALOHA!

What’s your best parTEA tip?
Have fun, be yourself and go with the FLOW of the parTEA. I know that’s 3, but if you’re not yourself, you won’t have fun and that helps you to go with the flow of the parTEA.