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What has your Steeped Tea Business given you?
My Steeped Tea business has given me several things.   For one, the extra income has been amazing in helping me to pay off debt. I don’t worry as much month to month when it’s time to sit and pay bills.   It has also given me a great sense of satisfaction in knowing that I am sharing a truly amazing product with people.   Our teas are a very healthy and delicious alternative to many not so healthy beverages.   I’m very grateful to see that entire families are enjoying this healthy beverage and that the parents feel confident in sharing the teas with their children.   It has also give me a whole new family of amazing Consultants that are here to help support and build each other up.

What has contributed most to your overall success with Steeped Tea?
I would say that the main thing that has contributed to my success is all the hard work that has been put into building this company.   The fact that Tonia and Hatem are so passionate about our products and that they are so focused on getting only the best quality is what helps me to be so successful.   I don’t really think of it as a “sales” job.   We have a product that literally sells itself.   It is our “job” to simply share the teas.   As Tonia and Hatem say, “It’s who you share it with.”  And that truly is what it’s all about, sharing the tea.   Once people try them, they are truly hooked because they can taste the quality in each cup.

What is one tip you would give to new Consultants as they get started on their journey?
For new Consultants just starting out, the best advice I can give is drink the tea, use the products yourself, and fall in love with them!   You are the expert in your customer’s eyes, so if you know firsthand how the teas taste and how the products work, you will be able to help them choose what will work best for them.   Be confident and love your products and this will show.   When you have a passion about the company and what we offer, it’s contagious. People will want to be a part of it either as a consumer or even a Consultant.

What one tip would you give to a new Leader?
The best tip I can give any new Leader is to make sure your team knows that you are there to support them.   You are only successful when your entire team is successful.   They need to know you care about them and appreciate them.   Without your team, you will go nowhere so you must help them to grow.   When they grow, so do you as a Leader.

What are your goals for this year?
My goals for this year are simply to continue to grow, strengthen, and expand our team.   I want to share Steeped Tea with as many people as possible so that all across the US, people are familiar with the Steeped Tea name.   I want to see this become a household name!   I feel that our products and our business plan can truly change lives and I want to touch as many lives as I possibly can through our team.