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What has your Steeped Tea Business given you?
My Steeped Tea business has given me many things. Friendships, whether it is a  hostess or fellow Steeped Tea sister. I have met so many wonderful people over the past four and a half years. Financial freedom, without my Steeped Tea business we would have never been able to help our children  pay for  college.   My husband and I would have never seen the parts of the world that we have thanks to the wonderful Incentive Trips that I have earned through Steeped Tea.

What has contributed most to your overall success with Steeped Tea?
The training we get from our Head Office is amazing, we are so lucky that they have the training programs that they do for us to succeed in our business. The Training Calls on Wednesday evenings are a huge part of my success. The support that I get from my husband and children are also a huge part of my success.

What is one tip you would give to new Consultants as they get started on their journey?
One tip I would give a new Consultant is to get your name out there. Do tradeshows and vendor events. You can’t count just on your family and friends, you need to go beyond them.

What one tip would you give to a new Leader?
The one tip I would give a new Leader is never give up! Always keep communicating with your team.

What are your goals for this year?
My goals for this year are to be Regional Manager, earn the trip for two to Jamaica as well as earn as many other incentives as possible.